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About Overtime

Overtime is more than just a name. It is a place, a safe, empowering facility that houses 2 workout entities, both with different outcomes, driven by the same message: Athletes build athletes.

The basketball members have 365 day access to 4 basketball hoops featuring 2 shooting machines, up to 17 hours a day. Members create, cultivate, and consistently pour into a sport they love. And Vertigo athletes simply go further. They have an approach that combines the efforts of skill, athleticism, and performance. They are guided by trained and certified staff, but the technology and the workout helps harness the power and strength from within.

Members on both sides will be expected to maintain a championship culture at all times in how they conduct themselves, respect the facility, honor the other members, engage with staff, but mostly themselves, as they sharpen their daily habits to create excellent results.

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Overtime Training Facility in Ames, IA


  • Flexible Facility Access
    For 365 days a year, 7 days a week, members will have 5am-10pm facility access using an exclusive phone app.
  • Screen Free Zone
    Our walls will encourage a screen-free sanctuary, encouraging a balanced and present life, allowing Athletes to tap into their best selves.
  • Monthly Challenges
    Athletes will be encouraged to participate in monthly challenges including total number of shots made, time in the facility, and other ways to compete against other members.
  • Shooting Machines
    Our machines are loaded with over 250 drills from college teams, professional squads, and marquee trainers around the country.
  • Vertigo Training
    Opening in Winter 2024, Vertigo teaches running, jumping and moving technique to increase speed, agility and reaction times.

Vertigo is here!!!

Vertigo has an affiliate location in the same building as Overtime. Vertigo features workouts for all ages and skill level while combining athletic training with state of the art technology. Athletes will have access to every movement performed, empowering their ability to perform better each repetition.

Overtime Facility affiliate location for Vertigo athletics


  • Performance Measures
    State of the art, industry leading real time data and leaderboard to maximize each repetition
  • Visual Feedback
    Cloud based video that record each station and is accessible remotely as soon as session is complete for increased motivation, learning, and accountability.
  • Athlete Led Training
    This is for the athlete, designed to harness the internal drive required to be high performing, negating a need for an adult to push your every rep. Certified staff will guide, supervise, and encourage, but not overwhelm.
  • Optional Team Training
    While training your sport specific skills, your athletic foundation will improve and team training is an option as desired.
  • Athletic Repetitions are the Focus
    Consistent, applicable movements will give athletes the support and strength to add to their competitive goals.
  • Proven Results
    See how consistent training yields data driven results.

basketball TRAINING

Elite 360 is now apart of OverTime Training Facility. It is the most complete, comprehensive approach to sport training. Overtime offers the total package from individual lessons, team training, or camps. Gain the edge, grow your game, and come train with us today!

  • Individual Training
    A private lesson is perfect for slowing movements down, gaining confidence, or perfecting your form outside of a group setting.
  • Team Training
    Group training is perfect for building team chemistry, improving IQ, and increasing court sight while still getting consistent reps in.
  • Camps
    We offer camps throughout the year for all age ranges and partner with top collegiate athletes in the area.
  • Vertigo Speed & Agility Training
    More information coming this winter!

Schedule A Tour

We are available to give tours of the facility. Please email us your desired date and time to coordinate.

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